We are thrilled to announce that Paralytic will have its world premiere at the 2016 Seattle International Film Festival! Producers Joey Johnson, Angela DiMarco, and David S. Hogan have a special fondness for SIFF, and could not be happier about Paralytic being an official selection.

This will be the second Joey Johnson film to premiere at SIFF, the first being Shadowed in 2013. Shadowed played well to local audiences and received great press from City Arts:

“Seattle-based director Joey Johnson’s feature debut represents a pretty rare bird in the local film community. It’s not an introspective indie drama and it’s one of the few homegrown genre flicks in recent years that dares to serve up its chills relatively free of irony or revisionist nose-thumbing.” ~ Read more here.
As actors, David and Angela have appeared in short and feature length films which premiered at SIFF (Shadowed, Switchmas, The Maury Island Incident, All My Presidents, Refraction), but this will be their first film in the festival as producers.

We can’t wait to share Paralytic with you. The dates are set (June 3 and 7), and we will confirm times as we move closer to the premiere.
~ Joey, Angela, and David

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